Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Last part of 'The Angel and the Little Girl'

                           The angel and Riya gone to evil spirits place , Riya was totally afraid of evils but she wants to save her papa too . Angel and Riya started to praying god 'Oh lord please help us' , in our every critical situations god will be there with us , suddenly a heavy light ray spread on there , full of light , that light irritated evils, they cried in loud voice suddenly a big voice came from the light , that says ' go away evils from Riya's papa

But evil spirits tried to take Riya's papa also with them then suddenly a big explosion occured there. Evil spirits were disappeared Riya's papa is safe now . Then the light ray also disappeared . Then angel says that it was our God who came to save us . They thanked to god . Now the time is 5:30 before 6 am if they  Riya and her papa didn't enter to their body then they never can ' So angel , Riya and Riya's papa speedly started their journey to the earth . The time is now 5:50 at that time they reached in earth . They are going to enter on their bod with the help of angel , for a few minutes of silence they entered on their body at correct 6am . Now everything is fine angel says bye to them , like the past Riya and papa lived happily with beautiful memories of Riya's Mom
                                                                    THE END

Monday, 29 May 2017

Second part of The Angel and the Little Girl

                                            After a few minutes of silence Angel says to little 'Riya' that ,it's very difficult to saw her mom , so to ask another wish ' But Riya says she wants to see her mother no other wish she have . Atlast angel accepts her wish , but there is a condition that , only Riya's soul can go to heaven to see her mom at the midnight and also before light comes to become day her soul have to enter back to her body otherwise her body could never enter on her body . And also angel says if  any humans saw angel who taking Riya's soul from her body then persons soul will also seperated from their body , so don't tell about this to anybody . Then Riya didn't told it to her father . Next day Riya happily waited for the midnight and at midnight she gone to her garden . Riya's papa saw that she is going to garden , papa also followed her and he hides on the side of the door , on there he saw the angel taking Riya's soul . Suddenly Riya's papa got unconscious ,his soul also seperated from the his body . Then Riya's papa's soul followed them. Then at the entry door of heaven angel and Riya entered but Riya's papa can't because if any of the soul to enter on heavens door , a angel also wants to be with them otherwise no entry . Then the evil spirits saw the soul of Riya's papa they prisoned him in there place to make him also an evil spirit .  Riya saw her mom in the heaven , her mom hugged and kissed her , Suddenly she feels that Riya's papa is in danger . Now the time is 3am before 6am if they didn't enter to their body then they can never enter on their body . Angel and Riya got shocked while hearing that her papa is in danger . Then Angel had gone to the place to see the save him . Riya said she also wants to come to save her papa , angel have to take her to because if angel is not with her then she can't stay on heaven and if she wait outside of heaven then evil spirits can take her too . So angel and Riya gone to the place of evil spirits

                                      The next part of the story will be publish tomorrow , hope that readers love this story . 

Saturday, 27 May 2017

The Angel and the little girl

                 A girl child was born to a couple , after her birth mother was died . On that day onwards her father look after her , her father given a name to her that is 'Riya' . Now Riya became  8 years old , whatever she wants her father always give it to her. Riya is very lovely girl. She is very innocent . Her only sadness was she never saw her mom, and she always think about her mom. In her school her friends who come with their mom , when she saw that seen she feels very sad. But her father is always there for you . It's one of her dream is to saw her mom once in while , but she know it will never happen . When vacation time came , she was totally alone in home after his father goes to his office. She feels really bored to be in home alone . So she told to her father that she want a beautiful garden then she feels very happy . Then her father buys so many flower's seeds and began to do gardening with Riya when he gets free time. Riya's boring goes away , she began to do gardening . Now she is very happy . She garden becoming more beautiful day by day . Most of her time she spends in her sweet garden.

Riya's garden is near to the side of her room , through the window of her room, she can see her beautiful garden. Everyday before sleeping she will look on her garden . One day when she looks on her garden she saw a very bright light from her garden She became afraid but she wants to look what's it , on the next day also at the same time she saw a bright light from there , but she prayed to god and gone to her garden. Then Riya was surprised she saw a Angel there on her garden. The angel saw the girl and she called Riya near to her and told 'My little girl , every night we Angels comes to see the beauty of our earth ,the most lovable place for me is your garden , for making this beautiful garden what gift you want from me . The Riya replied she want to see her mother . For a minute angel didn't told anything.

                                   The rest of the story will be published tomorrow, those who read this tell , how is this story , interesting or not

Monday, 15 May 2017

Tessa and Jerry

A 10 years old girl named Tessa , living with her grandma . Her papa died when she has only 2 years old , then her mom was so much struggled to live with Tessa , her papa's mom is the only one with them . Tessa's mom was worked as a house maid , but unfortunately last year an accident happened to her while crossing road and she died. When Tessa has 2 years old her papa died and when she has 9 years old her mom died . Now she have only her grandmother . Due to lack of money even Tessa can't go to school . Her life is full of difficulties . Her grandmother's health is really very worse ,she can't do any work so Tessa began to go for work were her mom was worked as house maid . At first time the people in that home where Tessa's mom worked didn't allowed her to work their because they are afraid of having any problem due to child labour . Tessa requested them a lot and she told she will never tell to anybody about she is working here . At last they allowed her to do work there, per day she get 100 Rs as salary.Everyday at early morning she wake up and make breakfast , lunch and she will go for work , correct 6 pm in the evening she come back to home . Children in the home where she works will go to school , when she saws it she feels very sad and thinks about her life situation.One day after her work Tessa returning home at that time she saw a dog was injured and lying at that same place where her mom happened accident . She goes near to that dog , it is crying in pain , blood is flowing from it's body , with the help of a man she took that dog to veterinary hospital. After the treatment she payed bill and get that dog to her home , on that day her salary full was used for payment for the treatment of the dog . Tessa feels too  much affection to that dog she given a name to that dog that's Jerry . After her mother's death Tessa never smiled but when Jerry comes her life totally changed ,she began to play with him . When she goes to work Jerry also will come with her for a company . Jerry protects her loves her , always make her happy , always play with her . Tessa was a good dancer but she only dance when she is with her jerry . Only Jerry knows about her talents , Jerry want her Tessa to be a great dancer . One day after work when Tessa and Jerry coming back to home Tessa saw a dance reality show advertisement which is going to be held within 2 days . She says to Jerry that ' see jerry it's one of my dream to become a good dancer but my life is not allowing me to be so .After two days Tessa got a call from the channel which conducting the reality show , they asked her would you like to participate in our show , she become surprised , she was thinking a lot and a lot that nobody knows she dance only Jerry knows that . But Jerry is a dog how could he can tell to anybody about this , Tessa became totally confused .When she gone for audition she asks to the person whom called her for audition about how he called her . Then that man says your dancing video was given here by a man , Tessa asked who was that man , then that persoon says his name is Gautham . In Gautham's home Tessa is working , he is her sir , she was surprised and gone to ask Gautham about how he took the video . Then Gautham says her grandmother called him and told about your dance and we all decided to make you participate in this show .When she gone and asked to her grandmother about how she knows about her dance . Then grandmother says she knows about it by Jerry , one day jerry showed your dance when you were dancing in your room . Then Jerry took a paper from the newspaper which gives the advertisement of this reality show . Tessa become surprised and happy , she hugged her beloved pet Jerry . Tessa became a great dancer , when she became the winner of the reality show , she called her Jerry to the stage and introduced her beloved Jerry to everybody .Tessa , Jerry and her grandmother happily lived    

If we have a dog as our pet , then we are really lucky , their love towards us is very pure
This story i am dedicating to my beloved pet 'jerry' and miss my jerry a lot , jerry passed away ,each and every moment of my life i miss my cute jerry

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Situations of a life

Rithesh and Hema were a rich couple , they have only one child , a beautiful daughter named Divya. Rithesh is very kind and pious man , but his wife is a very arrogant lady . They both gives whatever their daughter wants . Once an young handsome man named Shiva came to meet Rithesh with the  recommendation from his uncle who was an old driver of Rithesh . This Shiva is a post graduate in MA phychology but due to his bad luck he didn't got a job , his parents were died in his childhood and then he lived in an orphanage . The one and only person who comes to visit him in orphanage was his uncle , uncles's family don't like to boarding Shiva in their home . He studied and grown up in the orphanage .When he completed his education , then he can't live in the orphanage . So his uncle helped him to take a house for rent also told him to go and meet Rithesh' When hears about the story of Shiva , Rithesh appointed him as his driver , and also told whenever he get a good job ,he can resign . On that day onwards Shiva became Rithesh's driver. Shiva's duty is to take everyday Rithesh's daughter to college and get back her from college in car . Shiva is very handsome, talkative, funny and a good personality , Divya felt love on Shiva and she told her parents that she want Shiva as her husband . Rithesh and Hema don't like it ,but they accept it because they never says no to any of their daughter's want . Shiva and Divya got married and they lived in Divya's home . Shive got a good job with good salary too. But Divya's mom always hurt Shiva , everytime she calls him as an orphan . Divya too don't like the character of her mother ,but she didn't told anything . Time goes  

             Divya got pergnant and gave birth to two twin daughters,they named them as Kriya and Krithi . Still Divya's mom hurt whenever she saw Shiva . Shiva become more irritated and he can't suffer more . He says to Divya to that let they and their children can go to live in another home . But Divya refuses it because she want her parents near to her .Then on that day at night Shiva took one of their daughter Krithi and gone away from that house . Shiva gone and took a home for rent . Next day Divya saw the letter of Shiva which says that he going with one daughter don't try to find them they need peace . It made Divya cries a lot but she moved on with one daughter with her. After 6 Years Divya took admission for Kriya in Sacred Heart International school . At the same school too Shiva took admission for Krithi . Krithi nd Kriya both of them don't know that they are sisters , they seperated in their childhood which not in their memory . Divya told to Kriya that her papa died in childhood likewise Shiv told to Krithi too her mom died in her childhood . Kriya and Krithi looks same and they in same class too . It's really become a wonder to both teachers and students in their class . Even they both also surprised . Shiva made Krithi a smart intelligent girl . But Kriya got the character of her grandma Hema . In class whenever Kriya took the arrogant character of her grandma Krithi will give correct reply to stop his arrogant character . Months gone ,school had organized a tour and both Kriya and Krithi too going to tour . After tour school bus will come to school and parents have to come their to take their children back to home . For take Kriya from school Divya , her papa and mom all came likewise Shiva too came to take Krithi . Their Divya and Shiva meets , Divya gone near to Krithi and hugged her Shiva gone near to Kriya and hugged her too. Rithesh called Shiva to home , but Shiva came and called Divya to his home . Divya , Shiva and their Daughters lived in that rent house and atlast they built an awesome home . They all started living in their own home happily . Rithesh and Hema comes sometimes to saw them all . Then their is no hurting from Hema , she understood her mistake and called Divya and Shiva back to live in their , but Shiva says living separate will be better ,it reduce family problem but will always comes to meet them. They all lived happily   
                                                        Happy Ending

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Sweet Revenge

A boy is sitting alone in his room, he is the main character in the story  . His name is Rahul . His life is going very hard day by day ,his parents going to divorce . In his childhood onwards he saw his parents quarrel . He is the one and only son for his parents , but there is always only problems in his life . Actually he don't know what's the problem with his parents , totally he fed up with his life . His mom saying his papa have an affair with a women .His papa saying mom never cares about anything she is selfish and she wants money , she only loves money . Like this Rahul's papa and mom make their part perfect . But they both forgot about their son . Atlast they got divorced , his papa gone his own way even didn't told a word to Rahul. But his mom never leave him she took care of him , they don't have a home so Rahul's mom and he gone to his mom's sister's home .Their Rahul's mom's sister her husband and their two sons are living. This two sons of Rahul's mom's sister is elder than Rahul. In that home too Rahul and his mom suffered a lot. The two elder ones always give some work to Rahul , they treat him as their slave. Rahul's mom's sister treating his mom too like a slave . Sometimes that two elder ones beat too Rahul. His painful situations in life only increasing day by day . One day he called his papa to help him but the call attended by his papa's affair lady , she cuts the phone after sometimes his papa called him back he feels happy he thought his papa have love towards him but when Rahul took the phone his papa shouted by saying 'please don't disturb me ever'.It hurts Rahul a lot ' he gone to his room and cried , sit alone for a long time[ that was the situation which is on the starting of the story] . Rahul loves to become an actor from his childhood onwards he is a good dancer too . On that day he took a revenge that he will surely achieve his dreams . But he don't know how to reach his success , due to lack of money he can't educate , he only studied upto 10th standard. Everyday when mom's sister and her husband wents to job their two sons also go to their college at that time Rahul finish all his works speed and practice his dance also tried to practice acting too. Due to high tensions in life his mom had severe attack then to pay for hospital bills he begged to so many of his relatives atlast his mom's sister given money with one condition pay it back within one year . Each and everyday she tells about that money to Rahul . He prayed to god please to help him and his mom . One day Rahul saw an advertisement in television about a reality show for dance is coming . He just applied for it and they called for audition ,he and his mom wants to go for audition but if they say they are going to audition then mom's sister will not allow them to go . So Rahul told they are going to checkup in hospital and they gone to audition . His talent and practice helped him by god's grace he got selection in that reality show . His mom's sister saw this in television and comes to shout at night when they reached home. On that day he and his mom gone from that house . While they walking through the road at night an old man stops his car and called them , it was his mom's classmate he taken them to his house and next day he given a home for rent to them and given made Rahul as his driver . Rahul got salary and also he participated in dance competition too . Rahul became the winner of that show , he got so many fans ' He got opportunity from one film as hero. He became a superb actor . Now he have a beautiful home which looks like a mansion and he treated his mom as a queen their . One day when Rahul and his mom going in car he saw a man begging in street that is his papa . When Rahul comes near to him his fan come and surrounds him .His papa feels bad about himself , but Rahul took him to home and given food and taken care to him and says 'papa a man's asset is his family never forget them and live '.

               If anybody going to divorce just think about your children and think about their feelings too when they do so they are spoiling their children life. If this is reading by the children whose parents divorced dear friends never give up or spoil your life. Stay strong like Rahul and achieve your success , it will be a sweet revenge to your parents 

Friday, 5 May 2017


An 12 year old boy named Sam is the main hero in this story.He is very naughty and talkative .He have one younger brother Rex ,he have only one year old . Sam always quarrel with Rex and beat him badly without any reason .Due to Sam's nuisance his parents send to his bachelor uncle's Rony's home . Uncle Rony is very rude character and strict too,he is a retire soldier . Sam's parents called Rony and told about all his problems ,they requested him to make their Sam a good boy. When Sam reached Uncle Rony's home he became afraid because of the sharpened look from his uncle.Rony told to sam for get fresh and come to his room. Sam got fresh but forgot to go uncle's room. Uncle Rony waited him for a long time. After a long time he gone to Sam's room' Their Sam is sleeping uncle got angry and  beats him a lot . As a punishment he even didn't given food to Sam on that day. Sam feels like he really in a hell he missed him mom papa and brother a lot. The next day uncle given a work to him from morning to evening all the goods in home should carry by himself to uncle's factory which is two miles away from home.Sam didn't obeyed he said he will not do it but uncle beats him until he obeyed it.Within 4 days Sam got very much tired and his health is too weak also.Uncle Rony treated him very badly ,he thinks very sadly that he was a naughty boy beat his poor little bro very cruely.For doing that mistake now he suffers 100 times a lot sadness . He wants to go back to his home but uncle not allowing him to go . Atlast one day at midnight without uncle's permission he gone to his home. On the way to his home uncle called him , Sam runs speedly uncle too runs , unfortunately Sam jumped infront of a car ,car collides him he become unconscious .When he opens his eyes he is in hospital and his uncle ,mom papa and brother is there. Then his uncle says to him Sam its not your fault i hurts u a lot but its to make you a goog boy and wants to realize you that your family is always be with you . He felt really sorry , on that day onwards he never beats his little brother. When he grow up he became a police officer .

                  Sam thinks about his childhood and sitting in his cabin suddenly his little brother Rex entered to his cabin , sam given a big hug to him and said again a sorry . Rex told brother it was in childhood everyday don't say  sorry about it and be happy. Their life gone sweetly and happly

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Destiny of a Woman

About 500 years ago , a rural place in Palagat in kerala-India; a guru( a saint with lot of spiritual knowledge ) was lived .He had a daughter named Shivasudha ,her mother died in her childhood . Her aunty (sister of her father) and uncle brought up her very sweetly.Her father Guruji had adopted so many children and give them good education through gurukulavidhyabhyasa. From these adopted children two boys are more talented .one boy is a tamil brahmin and another one is north Indian brahmin .This north Indian brahmin is from Uttharpradesh,India ; his parents were very rich and they were killed by robbers and robbed their money, gold etc..That robbers didn,t killed their cute child and brought him to Banglore  then gave him to an old rich lady . This old lady gave this cute child to guruji. Guruji gave good education to all adopted children and taught them yoga, jyothisha,sanskrit, ayurveda  martial arts like kalaripayattu and so and so . Guruji's daughter Shivasudha helped her father for all his spiritual works . She was very beautiful,clever,brave girl. Often guruji gone to remote spiritual places .When Shivasudha became 19 years old guruji fixed her marriage with brahmin boy. But Shivasudha and tamil brahmin boy secretly fell in love. At that time brahmins mrriage was conducted in 21 days long .When guruji gone for a pilgrimage Shivasudha eloped with tamil brahmin boy ,they reached at chirayankizhu in trivandrum kerala,India. After guruji's pilgrimage he arrived at his home there he can't see his daughter ,his servants told him about his daughter . There was a well with 108ft depth , guruji dropped all equipments in the well and he cursed his beloved daughter and committed suicide in the well.

                Shivasudha and her husband lived together but they had no children because of her father guruji's curse . Her husband died in a short period . Due to her depression and rependence she too committed suicide .

               It's a real story .......

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Last Part of The Lucky Day

Siddharth feels like if Siya would be his wife it will be really awesome . But there is a problem that is his parents, Siddharth is afraid about his parents . Siya is working as a servant she is not educated these will be his parents take as reasons .Siddharth thinks a lot and atlast he took a decision that after took MBA he will find a job in Newyork then he will marry Siya and settle here . After all these he will inform to parents. One day when Siya comes to mall Siddharth  proposed her infront of that women[siya's madam] .For a minute Siya was speechless , she thinks a lot at that moment , a rich boy who loves her but she never suits to him. Siya told 'I even don't know your name ,i never asked but you know everything about me ,i know that  you are educated and i am not deserving you .Siddharth told 'my love towards you is true because you are really like the girl who suit for me, why you thinking you are not deserves me. Actually i want to think so because your behaviour and character are 100 times more awesome than me.may be you think that you are not educated like me but its not a big deal, your situation was so . Siya and her madam was really surprised. Her madam told to Siddharth that ' Boy please tell your name first of all' Siddharth replied: I am Siddharth . Then her madam says :okay sid you are really great , have a great mind ,me and my papa not against for you. If Siya accepts your love then you can marry her anytime . Siya didn't told anything and gone. Next day after his college he gone to Siya's madam's  home to meet siya . Then Siya told okay i will accept but after you finish your MBA then only comes to meet me. Upto that no meeting by coming to home , and also she said the day she comes to mall on that day he is not allowed to come there too. Siddharth accepted painfully that because there is one year left him to finish his MBA for these one year without seeing her how could he that's his pain.

                                 Siya made this decision for many reason they are 'siddharth has to concentrate more in studies', for this long time if he not seeing her ,he can understood his love is infactuation or deep love. After one year Siddharth finished his MBA and became the top one in Newyork University ,on the same day he comes to meet Siya , in Siya's home he saw his parents . Siddharth become totally surprised , he asked to all how his parents came here . Then siya told : when the day you proposed me my madam comes to your uncles home and told everything to him, everybody understood you are serious and your uncle informed to your parents . They told the suggestion that after finishing your course they will ok with this , so i told for not meet one year of time .Siddharth's parents told to him ;Sid what decision you take we know its all will be a good desicion we always with you our dear son .Siddharth feels too much happy in one day . He got 1st rank,got campus selection to a good company,got his life partner Siya and parents too supported .Now Sid can settle in Newyork too .His all dreams got fulfilled and he called it as 'THE LUCKY DAY'.


                         In everybody's life there will be a lucky day so be patient and wait for it then one day our lucky day will raise up to cheer us .HAPPY BE HAPPY..........

Last part of 'The Angel and the Little Girl'

                           The angel and Riya gone to evil spirits place , Riya was totally afraid of evils but she wants to sav...