Saturday, 27 May 2017

The Angel and the little girl

                 A girl child was born to a couple , after her birth mother was died . On that day onwards her father look after her , her father given a name to her that is 'Riya' . Now Riya became  8 years old , whatever she wants her father always give it to her. Riya is very lovely girl. She is very innocent . Her only sadness was she never saw her mom, and she always think about her mom. In her school her friends who come with their mom , when she saw that seen she feels very sad. But her father is always there for you . It's one of her dream is to saw her mom once in while , but she know it will never happen . When vacation time came , she was totally alone in home after his father goes to his office. She feels really bored to be in home alone . So she told to her father that she want a beautiful garden then she feels very happy . Then her father buys so many flower's seeds and began to do gardening with Riya when he gets free time. Riya's boring goes away , she began to do gardening . Now she is very happy . She garden becoming more beautiful day by day . Most of her time she spends in her sweet garden.

Riya's garden is near to the side of her room , through the window of her room, she can see her beautiful garden. Everyday before sleeping she will look on her garden . One day when she looks on her garden she saw a very bright light from her garden She became afraid but she wants to look what's it , on the next day also at the same time she saw a bright light from there , but she prayed to god and gone to her garden. Then Riya was surprised she saw a Angel there on her garden. The angel saw the girl and she called Riya near to her and told 'My little girl , every night we Angels comes to see the beauty of our earth ,the most lovable place for me is your garden , for making this beautiful garden what gift you want from me . The Riya replied she want to see her mother . For a minute angel didn't told anything.

                                   The rest of the story will be published tomorrow, those who read this tell , how is this story , interesting or not


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