Monday, 15 May 2017

Tessa and Jerry

A 10 years old girl named Tessa , living with her grandma . Her papa died when she has only 2 years old , then her mom was so much struggled to live with Tessa , her papa's mom is the only one with them . Tessa's mom was worked as a house maid , but unfortunately last year an accident happened to her while crossing road and she died. When Tessa has 2 years old her papa died and when she has 9 years old her mom died . Now she have only her grandmother . Due to lack of money even Tessa can't go to school . Her life is full of difficulties . Her grandmother's health is really very worse ,she can't do any work so Tessa began to go for work were her mom was worked as house maid . At first time the people in that home where Tessa's mom worked didn't allowed her to work their because they are afraid of having any problem due to child labour . Tessa requested them a lot and she told she will never tell to anybody about she is working here . At last they allowed her to do work there, per day she get 100 Rs as salary.Everyday at early morning she wake up and make breakfast , lunch and she will go for work , correct 6 pm in the evening she come back to home . Children in the home where she works will go to school , when she saws it she feels very sad and thinks about her life situation.One day after her work Tessa returning home at that time she saw a dog was injured and lying at that same place where her mom happened accident . She goes near to that dog , it is crying in pain , blood is flowing from it's body , with the help of a man she took that dog to veterinary hospital. After the treatment she payed bill and get that dog to her home , on that day her salary full was used for payment for the treatment of the dog . Tessa feels too  much affection to that dog she given a name to that dog that's Jerry . After her mother's death Tessa never smiled but when Jerry comes her life totally changed ,she began to play with him . When she goes to work Jerry also will come with her for a company . Jerry protects her loves her , always make her happy , always play with her . Tessa was a good dancer but she only dance when she is with her jerry . Only Jerry knows about her talents , Jerry want her Tessa to be a great dancer . One day after work when Tessa and Jerry coming back to home Tessa saw a dance reality show advertisement which is going to be held within 2 days . She says to Jerry that ' see jerry it's one of my dream to become a good dancer but my life is not allowing me to be so .After two days Tessa got a call from the channel which conducting the reality show , they asked her would you like to participate in our show , she become surprised , she was thinking a lot and a lot that nobody knows she dance only Jerry knows that . But Jerry is a dog how could he can tell to anybody about this , Tessa became totally confused .When she gone for audition she asks to the person whom called her for audition about how he called her . Then that man says your dancing video was given here by a man , Tessa asked who was that man , then that persoon says his name is Gautham . In Gautham's home Tessa is working , he is her sir , she was surprised and gone to ask Gautham about how he took the video . Then Gautham says her grandmother called him and told about your dance and we all decided to make you participate in this show .When she gone and asked to her grandmother about how she knows about her dance . Then grandmother says she knows about it by Jerry , one day jerry showed your dance when you were dancing in your room . Then Jerry took a paper from the newspaper which gives the advertisement of this reality show . Tessa become surprised and happy , she hugged her beloved pet Jerry . Tessa became a great dancer , when she became the winner of the reality show , she called her Jerry to the stage and introduced her beloved Jerry to everybody .Tessa , Jerry and her grandmother happily lived    

If we have a dog as our pet , then we are really lucky , their love towards us is very pure
This story i am dedicating to my beloved pet 'jerry' and miss my jerry a lot , jerry passed away ,each and every moment of my life i miss my cute jerry


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