Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Situations of a life

Rithesh and Hema were a rich couple , they have only one child , a beautiful daughter named Divya. Rithesh is very kind and pious man , but his wife is a very arrogant lady . They both gives whatever their daughter wants . Once an young handsome man named Shiva came to meet Rithesh with the  recommendation from his uncle who was an old driver of Rithesh . This Shiva is a post graduate in MA phychology but due to his bad luck he didn't got a job , his parents were died in his childhood and then he lived in an orphanage . The one and only person who comes to visit him in orphanage was his uncle , uncles's family don't like to boarding Shiva in their home . He studied and grown up in the orphanage .When he completed his education , then he can't live in the orphanage . So his uncle helped him to take a house for rent also told him to go and meet Rithesh' When hears about the story of Shiva , Rithesh appointed him as his driver , and also told whenever he get a good job ,he can resign . On that day onwards Shiva became Rithesh's driver. Shiva's duty is to take everyday Rithesh's daughter to college and get back her from college in car . Shiva is very handsome, talkative, funny and a good personality , Divya felt love on Shiva and she told her parents that she want Shiva as her husband . Rithesh and Hema don't like it ,but they accept it because they never says no to any of their daughter's want . Shiva and Divya got married and they lived in Divya's home . Shive got a good job with good salary too. But Divya's mom always hurt Shiva , everytime she calls him as an orphan . Divya too don't like the character of her mother ,but she didn't told anything . Time goes  

             Divya got pergnant and gave birth to two twin daughters,they named them as Kriya and Krithi . Still Divya's mom hurt whenever she saw Shiva . Shiva become more irritated and he can't suffer more . He says to Divya to that let they and their children can go to live in another home . But Divya refuses it because she want her parents near to her .Then on that day at night Shiva took one of their daughter Krithi and gone away from that house . Shiva gone and took a home for rent . Next day Divya saw the letter of Shiva which says that he going with one daughter don't try to find them they need peace . It made Divya cries a lot but she moved on with one daughter with her. After 6 Years Divya took admission for Kriya in Sacred Heart International school . At the same school too Shiva took admission for Krithi . Krithi nd Kriya both of them don't know that they are sisters , they seperated in their childhood which not in their memory . Divya told to Kriya that her papa died in childhood likewise Shiv told to Krithi too her mom died in her childhood . Kriya and Krithi looks same and they in same class too . It's really become a wonder to both teachers and students in their class . Even they both also surprised . Shiva made Krithi a smart intelligent girl . But Kriya got the character of her grandma Hema . In class whenever Kriya took the arrogant character of her grandma Krithi will give correct reply to stop his arrogant character . Months gone ,school had organized a tour and both Kriya and Krithi too going to tour . After tour school bus will come to school and parents have to come their to take their children back to home . For take Kriya from school Divya , her papa and mom all came likewise Shiva too came to take Krithi . Their Divya and Shiva meets , Divya gone near to Krithi and hugged her Shiva gone near to Kriya and hugged her too. Rithesh called Shiva to home , but Shiva came and called Divya to his home . Divya , Shiva and their Daughters lived in that rent house and atlast they built an awesome home . They all started living in their own home happily . Rithesh and Hema comes sometimes to saw them all . Then their is no hurting from Hema , she understood her mistake and called Divya and Shiva back to live in their , but Shiva says living separate will be better ,it reduce family problem but will always comes to meet them. They all lived happily   
                                                        Happy Ending


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