Thursday, 4 May 2017

Destiny of a Woman

About 500 years ago , a rural place in Palagat in kerala-India; a guru( a saint with lot of spiritual knowledge ) was lived .He had a daughter named Shivasudha ,her mother died in her childhood . Her aunty (sister of her father) and uncle brought up her very sweetly.Her father Guruji had adopted so many children and give them good education through gurukulavidhyabhyasa. From these adopted children two boys are more talented .one boy is a tamil brahmin and another one is north Indian brahmin .This north Indian brahmin is from Uttharpradesh,India ; his parents were very rich and they were killed by robbers and robbed their money, gold etc..That robbers didn,t killed their cute child and brought him to Banglore  then gave him to an old rich lady . This old lady gave this cute child to guruji. Guruji gave good education to all adopted children and taught them yoga, jyothisha,sanskrit, ayurveda  martial arts like kalaripayattu and so and so . Guruji's daughter Shivasudha helped her father for all his spiritual works . She was very beautiful,clever,brave girl. Often guruji gone to remote spiritual places .When Shivasudha became 19 years old guruji fixed her marriage with brahmin boy. But Shivasudha and tamil brahmin boy secretly fell in love. At that time brahmins mrriage was conducted in 21 days long .When guruji gone for a pilgrimage Shivasudha eloped with tamil brahmin boy ,they reached at chirayankizhu in trivandrum kerala,India. After guruji's pilgrimage he arrived at his home there he can't see his daughter ,his servants told him about his daughter . There was a well with 108ft depth , guruji dropped all equipments in the well and he cursed his beloved daughter and committed suicide in the well.

                Shivasudha and her husband lived together but they had no children because of her father guruji's curse . Her husband died in a short period . Due to her depression and rependence she too committed suicide .

               It's a real story .......

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