Sunday, 7 May 2017

Sweet Revenge

A boy is sitting alone in his room, he is the main character in the story  . His name is Rahul . His life is going very hard day by day ,his parents going to divorce . In his childhood onwards he saw his parents quarrel . He is the one and only son for his parents , but there is always only problems in his life . Actually he don't know what's the problem with his parents , totally he fed up with his life . His mom saying his papa have an affair with a women .His papa saying mom never cares about anything she is selfish and she wants money , she only loves money . Like this Rahul's papa and mom make their part perfect . But they both forgot about their son . Atlast they got divorced , his papa gone his own way even didn't told a word to Rahul. But his mom never leave him she took care of him , they don't have a home so Rahul's mom and he gone to his mom's sister's home .Their Rahul's mom's sister her husband and their two sons are living. This two sons of Rahul's mom's sister is elder than Rahul. In that home too Rahul and his mom suffered a lot. The two elder ones always give some work to Rahul , they treat him as their slave. Rahul's mom's sister treating his mom too like a slave . Sometimes that two elder ones beat too Rahul. His painful situations in life only increasing day by day . One day he called his papa to help him but the call attended by his papa's affair lady , she cuts the phone after sometimes his papa called him back he feels happy he thought his papa have love towards him but when Rahul took the phone his papa shouted by saying 'please don't disturb me ever'.It hurts Rahul a lot ' he gone to his room and cried , sit alone for a long time[ that was the situation which is on the starting of the story] . Rahul loves to become an actor from his childhood onwards he is a good dancer too . On that day he took a revenge that he will surely achieve his dreams . But he don't know how to reach his success , due to lack of money he can't educate , he only studied upto 10th standard. Everyday when mom's sister and her husband wents to job their two sons also go to their college at that time Rahul finish all his works speed and practice his dance also tried to practice acting too. Due to high tensions in life his mom had severe attack then to pay for hospital bills he begged to so many of his relatives atlast his mom's sister given money with one condition pay it back within one year . Each and everyday she tells about that money to Rahul . He prayed to god please to help him and his mom . One day Rahul saw an advertisement in television about a reality show for dance is coming . He just applied for it and they called for audition ,he and his mom wants to go for audition but if they say they are going to audition then mom's sister will not allow them to go . So Rahul told they are going to checkup in hospital and they gone to audition . His talent and practice helped him by god's grace he got selection in that reality show . His mom's sister saw this in television and comes to shout at night when they reached home. On that day he and his mom gone from that house . While they walking through the road at night an old man stops his car and called them , it was his mom's classmate he taken them to his house and next day he given a home for rent to them and given made Rahul as his driver . Rahul got salary and also he participated in dance competition too . Rahul became the winner of that show , he got so many fans ' He got opportunity from one film as hero. He became a superb actor . Now he have a beautiful home which looks like a mansion and he treated his mom as a queen their . One day when Rahul and his mom going in car he saw a man begging in street that is his papa . When Rahul comes near to him his fan come and surrounds him .His papa feels bad about himself , but Rahul took him to home and given food and taken care to him and says 'papa a man's asset is his family never forget them and live '.

               If anybody going to divorce just think about your children and think about their feelings too when they do so they are spoiling their children life. If this is reading by the children whose parents divorced dear friends never give up or spoil your life. Stay strong like Rahul and achieve your success , it will be a sweet revenge to your parents 


  1. SweetSweet boy and their sweet revenge story

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