Monday, 29 May 2017

Second part of The Angel and the Little Girl

                                            After a few minutes of silence Angel says to little 'Riya' that ,it's very difficult to saw her mom , so to ask another wish ' But Riya says she wants to see her mother no other wish she have . Atlast angel accepts her wish , but there is a condition that , only Riya's soul can go to heaven to see her mom at the midnight and also before light comes to become day her soul have to enter back to her body otherwise her body could never enter on her body . And also angel says if  any humans saw angel who taking Riya's soul from her body then persons soul will also seperated from their body , so don't tell about this to anybody . Then Riya didn't told it to her father . Next day Riya happily waited for the midnight and at midnight she gone to her garden . Riya's papa saw that she is going to garden , papa also followed her and he hides on the side of the door , on there he saw the angel taking Riya's soul . Suddenly Riya's papa got unconscious ,his soul also seperated from the his body . Then Riya's papa's soul followed them. Then at the entry door of heaven angel and Riya entered but Riya's papa can't because if any of the soul to enter on heavens door , a angel also wants to be with them otherwise no entry . Then the evil spirits saw the soul of Riya's papa they prisoned him in there place to make him also an evil spirit .  Riya saw her mom in the heaven , her mom hugged and kissed her , Suddenly she feels that Riya's papa is in danger . Now the time is 3am before 6am if they didn't enter to their body then they can never enter on their body . Angel and Riya got shocked while hearing that her papa is in danger . Then Angel had gone to the place to see the save him . Riya said she also wants to come to save her papa , angel have to take her to because if angel is not with her then she can't stay on heaven and if she wait outside of heaven then evil spirits can take her too . So angel and Riya gone to the place of evil spirits

                                      The next part of the story will be publish tomorrow , hope that readers love this story . 


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