Sunday, 30 April 2017

The Lucky Day

The main hero in this story is Siddharth.Heroine Siya.

                 Siddharth is a 21years old handsome  boy who completed his BBA course from Delhi university, and his dream is to take MBA from Newyork city .He wants a job from Newyork and to settle their .The main thing is he wants to be achieve by his own effort,so he scored good percentage in BBA .Now he is searching good universities in Newyork to get a scholarship their .He is one and only son for his parents and they are very proud of him.He is very hardworking for to reach his goal.Everyday he waking up with the prayer that 'oh god please give me scholarship from a good university in Newyork'. Atlast god heard his prayer he got scholarship from the great 'Newyork University'.He become so happy . After all criteria he started his journey to Newyork.When he entered to plane and found his seat then he began to sit, a beautiful girl came near to him,she looks really like a village girl,while saw her we can understand she is entering to plane for the first time .She  begans to shouting at him.She told 'hey boy i want this seat you go and sit somewhere else.Its a window seat that's why she told so .Siddharth become surprised ,he don't know what to say .Suddenly an old man came and shouted to her 'Siya why you behaving so badly, you don't know to respect others ,tell him sorry and come, your seat is not that, in plane everybody have a reserved seat only sit in that okay'.She said sorry to siddharth in a low voice and gone to sit in her seat its just front of siddharth's seat. They both sat on their seats Siya looked back to siddharth ,he too look .

                     Dear friends those who reading this story please tell did you liked the way story going 'if u all like then the remining part will come tomorrow morning itself .So i hope you will tell you like it or not 

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