Sunday, 30 April 2017

The Lucky Day

The main hero in this story is Siddharth.Heroine Siya.

                 Siddharth is a 21years old handsome  boy who completed his BBA course from Delhi university, and his dream is to take MBA from Newyork city .He wants a job from Newyork and to settle their .The main thing is he wants to be achieve by his own effort,so he scored good percentage in BBA .Now he is searching good universities in Newyork to get a scholarship their .He is the one and only son for his parents and they are very proud of him.He is very hardworking for to reach his goal.Everyday he waking up with the prayer that 'oh god please give me scholarship from a good university in Newyork'. Atlast god heard his prayer he got scholarship from the great 'Newyork University'.He become so happy . After all criteria he started his journey to Newyork.When he enters to plane and finds his seat then he began to sit, a beautiful girl came near to him,she looks really like a village girl,while saw her we can understand she is entering to plane for the first time .She  begans to shouting at him.She told 'hey boy i want this seat you go and sit somewhere else.Its a window seat that's why she told so .Siddharth become surprised ,he don't know what to say .Suddenly an old man came and shouted to her 'Siya why you behaving so badly, you don't know to respect others ,tell him sorry and come, your seat is not that, in plane everybody have a reserved seat only sit in that okay'.She said sorry to siddharth in a low voice and gone to sit in her seat its just  infront of siddharth's seat. They both sat on their seats Siya looked back to siddharth ,he too looks her.
             The plane had reached at Newyork ,when they arrived there Siddharth searches for Siya to talk . But unfortunately he can't see her. Siddharth gone to his uncle's house in Newyork, there his parents arranged his boarding.As usual his life is going normal ,every working days he is going to college and work hard. In holidays he will goes to some malls and amusement parks. One day in a mall he saw the girl Siya.He suddenly run towards her but Siya disappeared, Siddharth searched her everywhere in mall but can't find out her . He feels a crush on her that's why he trying to find her. He thought if he comes to mall everyday then he can find her.On that day onwards he gone to mall everyday .Upto one month he gone like that atlast he met her in mall . She came with a women ,Siddharth came near to her and talked 'hai Siya did you remember me? .Siya looked at him ,she got surprised ,she told to him 'yeah i know you and i am really sorry about that day ,actually that the first time i entered on plane and i don't know anything about sitting arrangements and all '. Siddharth told 'It's ok Siya leave it ' i found you here last month and i came near to you but you were gone after that today i am seeing you. what you doing here in Newyork  Studying or job? . Siya replied ;'No i am ........

                Suddenly the women who came with Siya called her and she gone by saying 'bye see you later'. Siddharth don't want to stop the conversation but Siya had gone . He followed her upto they reach their home .Siddharth thinks to enters to her home and talk but he didn't entered ,he had gone back . Next day onwards after college he had gone to the street near to Siya's home and watched her home , he saw her sometimes that she watering plants in the garden . Whenever he saw her , she always doing some works in her home like cleaning home,watering plants,and so on . He understood that the only day she goes outside is for purchasing things from mall with that women.When she came to mall in the next month Siddharth talked to her 'Siya what you doing here this was the question which i asked to you last month before you are going . Siya replied 'I am a servant , my mom was the old servant in the home which now i work ,my mom died and me started my work, my madam got a job here ,and madam and her papa decides to come here. They brought me too to here , so i am here . Then Siya's madam called her and siya said bye to him . Siddharth now feels really too much love to her . But he don't know what to do.

               Siddharth feels like if Siya would be his wife it will be really awesome . But there is a problem that is his parents, Siddharth is scared of his parents . Siya is working as a servant she is not educated these will be his parents take as reasons .Siddharth thinks a lot and atlast he took a decision that after taking MBA he will find a job in Newyork then he will marry Siya and settle here. After all these he will inform to parents. One day when Siya comes to mall Siddharth  proposed her infront of that women[siya's madam] .For a minute Siya was speechless , she thinks a lot at that moment , a rich boy who loves her but she never suits to him. Siya told 'I even don't know your name ,i never asked but you know everything about me ,i know that  you are educated and i am not deserving you .Siddharth told 'my love towards you is true because you are really like the girl who suits for me, why you are thinking that you are not deserving me. Actually i want to think so because your behaviour and character are 100 times more awesome than me.may be you think that you are not educated like me but its not a big deal, your situation was so . Siya and her madam was really surprised. Her madam told to Siddharth that ' Boy please tell your name first of all' Siddharth replied: I am Siddharth . Then her madam says :okay sid you are really great , having a great mind ,me and my papa not against for you. If Siya accepts your love then you can marry her at anytime . Siya didn't told anything and gone. Next day after his college he gone to Siya's madam's  home to meet siya . Then Siya told okay i will accept but after you finish your MBA then only comes to meet me. Upto that no meeting by coming to home , and also she said the day she comes to mall on that day he is not allowed to come there too. Siddharth accepted painfully that because there is one year left him to finish his MBA for these one year without seeing her how could he that's his pain.

                                 Siya made this decision for many reason they are 'siddharth has to concentrate more in his studies', for this long time if he not seeing her ,he can understand his love is infactuation or deep love. After one year Siddharth finished his MBA and became the top one in Newyork University ,on the same day he comes to meet Siya , in Siya's home he saw his parents . Siddharth become totally surprised , he asked to all how his parents came here . Then siya told : when the day you proposed me my madam comes to your uncles home and told everything to him, everybody understood you are serious and your uncle informed it to your parents . They told the suggestion that after finishing your course they will ok with this , so i told for not to meet for one year .Siddharth's parents told to him ;Sid whateever decisions you take we know its all will be a good desicion we always with you our dear son .Siddharth feels too much happy in one day . He got 1st rank,got campus selection to a good company,got his life partner Siya and parents too supported .Now Sid can settle in Newyork too .His all dreams got fulfilled and he called it as 'THE LUCKY DAY'.


                         In everybody's life there will be a lucky day so be patient and wait for it then one day our lucky day will raise up to cheer us .HAPPY BE HAPPY.....

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