Friday, 5 May 2017


An 12 year old boy named Sam is the main hero in this story.He is very naughty and talkative .He have one younger brother Rex ,he have only one year old . Sam always quarrel with Rex and beat him badly without any reason .Due to Sam's nuisance his parents send to his bachelor uncle's Rony's home . Uncle Rony is very rude character and strict too,he is a retire soldier . Sam's parents called Rony and told about all his problems ,they requested him to make their Sam a good boy. When Sam reached Uncle Rony's home he became afraid because of the sharpened look from his uncle.Rony told to sam for get fresh and come to his room. Sam got fresh but forgot to go uncle's room. Uncle Rony waited him for a long time. After a long time he gone to Sam's room' Their Sam is sleeping uncle got angry and  beats him a lot . As a punishment he even didn't given food to Sam on that day. Sam feels like he really in a hell he missed him mom papa and brother a lot. The next day uncle given a work to him from morning to evening all the goods in home should carry by himself to uncle's factory which is two miles away from home.Sam didn't obeyed he said he will not do it but uncle beats him until he obeyed it.Within 4 days Sam got very much tired and his health is too weak also.Uncle Rony treated him very badly ,he thinks very sadly that he was a naughty boy beat his poor little bro very cruely.For doing that mistake now he suffers 100 times a lot sadness . He wants to go back to his home but uncle not allowing him to go . Atlast one day at midnight without uncle's permission he gone to his home. On the way to his home uncle called him , Sam runs speedly uncle too runs , unfortunately Sam jumped infront of a car ,car collides him he become unconscious .When he opens his eyes he is in hospital and his uncle ,mom papa and brother is there. Then his uncle says to him Sam its not your fault i hurts u a lot but its to make you a goog boy and wants to realize you that your family is always be with you . He felt really sorry , on that day onwards he never beats his little brother. When he grow up he became a police officer .

                  Sam thinks about his childhood and sitting in his cabin suddenly his little brother Rex entered to his cabin , sam given a big hug to him and said again a sorry . Rex told brother it was in childhood everyday don't say  sorry about it and be happy. Their life gone sweetly and happly


Last part of 'The Angel and the Little Girl'

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