Sunday, 30 April 2017

The Lucky Day

Remaining part of 'The Lucky Day'

The plane had reached at Newyork ,when they arrived there Siddharth searches for Siya to talk . But unfortunately he can't see her .Siddharth gone to his uncle's house in Newyork ,there his parents arranged his boarding.As usual his life is going normal ,every working days he is going to college and work hard. In holidays he will goes to some malls and amusement parks. One day in mall he saw the girl Siya.He suddenly run towards her but Siya disappeared, Siddharth searched her everywhere in mall but can't find out her . He feels a crush on her that's why he trying to find her. He thought if he comes to mall everyday then he can find her.On that day onwards he gone to mall everyday .Upto one month he gone like that atlast he met her in mall . She came with a women ,Siddharth came near to her and talked 'hai Siya did you remember me? .Siya looked him ,she got surprised ,she told to him 'yeah i know you and i am really sorry about that day ,actually that the first time i entered on plane and i don't know anything about sitting arrangements and all '. Siddharth told 'It's ok Siya leave it ' i found you here last month and i came near to u but u were gone after tht today i am seeing you. what you doing here in Newyork  Studying or job? . Siya replied ;'No i am ........ 
                Suddenly the women who came with Siya called her and she gone by saying 'bye see u later'. Siddharth don't want to stop the conversation but Siya gone . He followed her upto they reach their home .Siddharth thinks to enter to her home and talk but he didn't entered ,he gone back . Next day onwards after college he gone to the street near to Siya's home and watched her home , he saw her sometimes that she watering plants in the garden . Whenever he saw her , she always doing some works in her home like cleaning home,watering plants,and so on . He understood tat the only day she goes outside is for purchasing things from mall with that women.Whe she came to mall in the next month Siddharth talked to her 'Siya what you doing here this was the question which i asked to you last month before you going . Siya replied 'i am a servant , my mom was the old servant in the home which now i work ,my mom died and me started my work, my madam got job here ,and madam and her papa decides to come here. They brought me too to here , so i am here . Then Siya's madam called her and siya says bye to him . Siddharth now feels really too much love to her . But he don,t know what to do
                  Next series comes tommorrow

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