Friday, 28 April 2017

Life of a Girl

A 19 years old girl named Saina in the main character in this story. She is from India,Mumbai . She was born in a rich family,her papa is a famous business man and momma is a house wife ,she has one younger brother named Sohan .Total four members are in her family ,Saina's papa momma,Saina  and her younger brother. Saina is a very silent girl she don't have much friends,now  she is doing her degree in BA Communicative English .In her college she only talked to one girl named Preethi ,Saina's classmate. She told about her sadness to Preethi .Saina is totally a reserved character ,she became so because of her family .In her family her papa give more importance to her brother but it doesn't mean her papa loves more her brother ,he loves both . Saina is a girl she has to study kitchen works more than about their business ,that was her papa's order.But in the case of her brother papa teaching him about his business from childhood onwards. Saina is a dreaming girl ,she loves to dance,loves to help papa in business and all ,even she loves cooking too.But her family only allows her to do kitchen works .Once her mom told her that 'Saina in this generation girls without education can't get a good marriage life due to that we giving you education ,after your degree we are planning to find a groom for you .It's really hurts Saina a lot she have no opinion in her home even she can't take any decision about her life .She want her life to be awesome, after her degree she will apply for MBA in abroad .After taking MBA from abroad she thinking to apply a job in APPLE Company and also she want to be a great dancer too.But she can't do anything for it .This made her silent everywhere , she is being silent with lots of dreams .When she finished her degree her parents found a groom for her and conducted her marriage .At the same time her brother gone to take MBA from abroad
                                 After one year Saina gave birth to a girl child ,in her husband home everybody even her husband too not much happy of that  because it's a girl child .They too want boy .Saina understood that a second Saina born now

                      In our society especially in India ,still girls have no freedom and they are not safe too .As a girl i feels to write my first story about sufferings of a girl so i wrote it .Maybe so many Saina born here .I have only one request to those people who reading this that please make sure that your girl child is not like Saina .And the girls who reading this try to be brave and focus on your goals .After achieving your goals then marry
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